The purpose of the Inventory is to give the Court a starting point from which to monitor your management of the Interdict’s financial affairs so it’s important that all the information on it represents the financial position of the Interdict as at the date of your appointment.

You have 90 days from the date of your appointment in which to file a sworn Inventory in accordance with Article 43(20)(a)(i) of the Mental Health (Jersey) Law, 1969.  In most cases this gives adequate time to gather the information and draft the document but if you find that you need a little extra time please let us know.

You must ensure that the Inventory reflects the following information:-

The full name of the Interdict.
The Curator’s full name.
The date that you were appointed and confirmation that the value of assets is at the date of appointment.
A clear indication of whether the figures shown for any jointly held assets are the total value of the holding or a 50% share.

Once you have completed the Inventory you must present the document to a competent witness (an Advocate or Solicitor, Jurat of the Royal Court or Notary Public) in order to swear the content as true under Oath.  Both you and the witness must sign the document and date it.  The Inventory must then be filed at the Judicial Greffe.

If the Inventory does not meet the required standard it will be returned to you for revision.

If you fail to file an Inventory within the statutory time limit the case may be referred to Her Majesty’s Solicitor General.

If you find another asset after you have filed your Inventory you can file a supplemental Inventory.