Helpful Reminders

There is no charge for the setting up of a Curatorship, but fees are payable when making a representation to the Court.

An Interdict may have only one Curator appointed, joint appointments are not permitted.

A person residing outside of the Island maybe appointed as a Curator for a person residing in Jersey, depending on the circumstances.

The powers of a Curator appointed by the Royal Court of Jersey for an Interdict residing in the Island, who subsequently leaves the Island for an extended period or permanently, remain in force for so long as there are assets situate in Jersey requiring his/her management.

If all an Interdict’s assets are to be transferred to the country where an Interdict has taken up residence the Curator must apply to the Royal Court under Article 43(17) for the transfer of those assets.  A new Curator, or the equivalent, should be in place in that country, under whose care the assets can be placed. 

A person residing outside of the Island who becomes incapable of managing their affairs but who has assets in Jersey will not be placed under Curatorship by the Royal Court (advice on procedures in their own country should be sought).

The Curator is only responsible for the management of an Interdict’s property and affairs.  A person’s authority as Curator does not extend to the management and personal care of the Interdict.

A Curator is not obliged to place a public notice about the Curatorship in the Jersey Gazette following his/her appointment.

Make sure before submitting your Inventory or accounts that the calculations are accurate and that you have sworn the content before a competent witness.  The draft documents contained within pages 4 – 13 are for illustration purposes only and are not designed for use.

Keep a note of the deadlines for the submission of the inventory and accounts.  If you require more time please contact the Probate Officer, tel. 441308, to discuss.  

Make sure to include the relevant Court stamps and any supporting documentation with any Representation you wish to make.

Make sure to keep abreast of any changes in legislation either by accessing the website or contacting the States Greffe Bookshop tel. 441037.

When in doubt, consult your legal advisor