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Business Names (Jersey) Order 1998

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Business Names (Jersey) Order 1998

THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE, in pursuance of Article 19 of the Registration of Business Names (Jersey) Law 1956[1] after consultation with the Jersey Financial Services Commission, has made the following Order –

Commencement [see endnotes]

3        Notice of registrar’s decision

(1)     If the registrar decides under Article 16(1) of the Law to refuse to register a business name or to remove a business name from the register, the registrar shall send by post to the individual, firm or body corporate that applied for registration or was registered under the business name, notice in writing of the decision and of the grounds on which the decision was made.

(2)     The notice shall include a statement that an appeal may be made to the Court against the refusal or removal and the statement shall specify the time within which the appeal must be made.

4        Citation

This Order may be cited as the Business Names (Jersey) Order 1998.





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Business Names (Jersey) Order 1998


1 July 1998

Business Names (Amendment) (Jersey) Order 2000


1 February 2000

Transfer of Functions (Economic Development Committee) (Jersey) Act 2003


14 October 2003

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[1] The power to prescribe fees and forms by Order of the Minister has been replaced by a power for the Jersey Financial Services Commission to publish fees and publish notices as to specified forms (see chapter 13.650 as amended by L33/2007).  Accordingly, all provisions of this Order prescribing fees and forms lapsed on 24 January 2008 and have been removed.

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